avi sato . be thought . live dreams



Driven beyond the madness of culture’s expectations you plunge your head beneath streams’ surfaces drinking liberating breaths of hatreds’ liquid memories only to quench minds’ thirsts for longing with the thoughtful celibacy of silenced revolution

Where rainfall has begun your head shimmers with stars’ unyielding distanced presence no longer dependent on your imagined earth’s position in a galaxy of echoed constructed realities of soft feminines and penetrated impermanence facing dominances’ proposals of privilege

You once cast nets on waves of unnavigable desires and flung lusts’ hopeful suitors lifelines of bone-shattering submission escaping with no life left worth the name yet beyond pasts’ discomforting rhythms you rise burned from the unseen corpse of gazes fueled by inflamed predictive gaze

You touch a self first reborn of undesirability shaped to forms unknowable amid hazy beliefs of roles best left to unlearned animals seeking procreative supplication between pleasured sanctuaries of scriptural misinterpretation and often viewed otherings of your unabsolving completeness

You see the river of passed sorrows of pretended conformity that sacrifices its sparkled beauties with a depth of surface tensions stripped from your tomorrows to wake alone embodying dialogs’ lengthy desires amid fields of horizontally dissatisfied norms

(Avi Sato, 2019)