Sticks and screens may break my…

May break my memories, I suspect. But doctors, there’s no may about that, they’ll hurt me endlessly. I began the day with the first of four short writing prompts (this is day 10, if it’s not clear from the order of these posts). There are still three left, after more than two thousand words on […]

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Day 10

Today, there are four shorter prompts so I’ll see if I can be somewhat concise — not exactly my typical approach. Since there’s no real limit to the writing, though, it’s not a huge issue. The real problem is that all of my mental health difficulties are related to food and eating so tacking these […]

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Day 9

When did everything change? Before I get on to today’s spontaneous writing thing, I want to address something that I was reminded of today and that I get asked about at least once or twice a week. Rough drafts. A lot of writers will tell you a strategy that works for them. For most, it’s […]

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Day 8

What was the one thing you always wanted? I must admit that this is probably the most difficult question for me to answer, not because I don’t know the answer — it’s obvious and anyone who’s known me for more than a few minutes will know the answer, too. It’s that it sounds so artificial […]

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