Day 14

What do you know by heart? I have always had a nightmare of a time with remembering things. It’s not that my memory doesn’t work. It works just fine in most ways. It’s about judgment. I can’t remember quotations because I automatically reword them in my head. I can think of a half dozen better […]

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Day 13

Write about an assumption. I am many things. I am asexual and genderless. I am a believer in absolute equality and the shamefulness of ownership and possession. I am against democracy and believe that self-government is the source of much of the world’s problems and should be eliminated. I believe we need to be saved […]

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Day 12

What do you know that you didn’t want to know? The implication behind this one is that it’s about relationships. For me, it’s not romantic relationships that are the issue. It’s friendship. What didn’t I want to know? That most of my friends would abandon me at the slightest chance of a problem. Seven years […]

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Day 11

What happened when you had control? I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced anything that could loosely be called control of a situation but the time that everyone seems to think of that way is the relationship between teacher and student. Since I’m a teacher and have taught in various environments, I can certainly say that […]

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