Day 21

What did you find out wasn’t true? The instant answer that comes to mind is the Torah. But that’s not really the answer to anything. No, of course the story that’s told in there isn’t true. We know that. Ask any non-Orthodox (and even many Orthodox) rabbis if it’s a true story, if it’s history […]

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Two thirds of the way into this, I’m going to talk a bit more about why it’s important to write every day but I shall start with something I was going to leave until the end. It’s been long enough. I mentioned at the beginning where this month-long daily writing/blogging challenge came from. Yuki Tejima […]

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Day 20

Where would you start telling your story? In the beginning was the word. The word, in fact, was immigration. That may sound rather odd, since I’m not what anyone would call an immigrant. But my mother was. My father, in fact, one might say also was, since the borders of the country he was born […]

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Day 19

When did you pretend not to care? Every day, I pretend not to care. I have tried many ways to express this — I am not male, I am not masculine, I don’t think like a man. But I look like one. At least, to me, I look like one and often sound like one, […]

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