long live the king?

the king ain’t dead. and by king i mean president. trump survived his dubious encounter with the novel coronavirus and that’s probably the worst possible thing that could have happened to america. no, i don’t mean because it would be good if he died. that’s a whole other issue. but surviving the virus poses a […]

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escape from wombland

escape from wombland today, i’m old. ok, now that i think more clearly on the subject, i’m not suddenly old. i’ve been old for a long time. i’m not sure where old starts and people will generally say no, it’s not a real issue and it’s all about how you feel. and i feel like […]

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Day 25

What did they say that stuck? There are a few phrases that have stuck with me throughout my entire life — some of which I have already spoken of in recent articles. When in doubt, throw it out. They all take a shit the same way you do. You shall not kill. It’s better to […]

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Day 24

What meal will you always remember? As most of you have likely already surmised from my writing, I suffer from a severe mental difficulty, that I am obsessed by, consumed by and terrified by food and eating. I fight this all day every day. I can still write and teach and speak. But it makes […]

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