Day 18

Tell me about silence. Silence is what happens when you express your love for yourself. I am happiest when it is silent. That’s when I can breathe, when I can think, when I can be happy alone. I live in an apartment. While that’s a fairly common thing to do, it’s not by choice — […]

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Attack of the Hearts

It’s Valentine’s Day. If that’s not a concept you’re familiar with, let’s summarize it for you. The name comes from a Christian saint that nobody really cares about in the least because, realistically, he didn’t do anything worth talking about and is filling out the already-massive named saints list that is mostly populated with questionable […]

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A Question of Motive

I have received a fairly large amount of odd comments of late on my blog posts. Some of them have been positive, which is always pleasing to see, yet a few have been intensely critical and intentionally hurtful. I really just have one question — why would anyone be so interested in what I write […]

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Day 17

Tell me about your mother’s hands. My mother is a musician. I don’t mean she fools around on the piano and sings in the shower. She’s a serious, professionally-trained musician and started her career educating the next generation of musicians long before I was born. That’s meant some really positive things for me. First, from […]

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