The planet is dying. Quickly. And many of us want to save Mother Earth before she slips into a terminal coma — many but nowhere near enough. Yet our voices are loud and we demand change — and change doesn’t come. At least, not the real, sweeping change that would solve the problem. We have […]

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(from the voice of one whose name still cannot be shared in collaboration) i taste unfamiliar shores with the desperation of thirst while confusion surrounds my ears and loss bites with each breath of absence you are not dead yet it feels that may have been kinder than to leave you in my wake as […]

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Pure White?

In many ways, it is not so much the idea that a person is “white” or “not white” that is at the root of much of the value-based discrimination in our world but the words we use to describe the races. White and black are the most obviously problematic but where do these notions come […]

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A thought for a new year…

As the sun passed another milestone and the earth was beginning another orbit, the Buddha gathered his followers together on the side of the mountain to tell them a story. A wise village brahman was known across the country for his ability to ask the right questions. While this may seem far less important than […]

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