unit 3 – spread of ideas (570-1054)

this section covers from the birth of mohammed to the great schism.

  1. [~570-632] who was muhammad ibn abdullah? discuss one specific aspect of his impact on history from his birth to today (culture, military, nationhood, identity, politics, religion, literature) using historical examples.
  2. [~350-650] what is the significance for later mesoamerican history of the destruction of teotihuacan?
  3. [604-609] what was/is the importance of the grand canal?
  4. [~570-632] how are the birth and life of muhammad used today as a symbol? give specific context and discuss how this differs from the historical events of his life.
  5. [618-907] discuss the timeline and significant events of the tang dynasty. what are its lasting impacts on chinese culture, government, literature and modern society?
  6. [636-637] what is the lasting impact of the arab siege of jerusalem? to what extent is this event relevant to later conquests of jerusalem and surrounding areas?
  7. [573-634] who was abu bakr and what was his impact on history of the time? does he still have a meaningful significance today?
  8. [710-794] what was the impact of chinese culture on japan during the nara period? discuss the lasting result of this cultural and societal shift.
  9. [674-678] discuss the timeline and impact of the first arab siege of constantinople.
  10. [664] what did the synod of whitby mean for the spread of roman authority both religiously and politically?
  11. [647-709] what is the significance of the arab conquest of carthage?
  12. [711-718] plot the trajectory leading to the umayyad conquest of hispania and describe its impact both at the time and on later history.
  13. [750-1517] discuss the abbasid caliphate from its founding to its collapse using specific examples and their relevance. focus on one aspect (culture, science, politics, philosophy, religion, etc).
  14. [800-814] who was charlemagne? trace his legacy and impact from his time to today using specific examples.
  15. [794-1185] what is the significance of the heian period and what is its lasting impact on japanese culture both in the country and popular culture outside?
  16. [~820] discuss the importance of the accepted modern creation of algebra.
  17. [843] discuss the impact and aftereffects of the treaty of verdun.
  18. [868] what is the significance of the first printed book? how important is this in the history of language, culture and print society? is print media as relevant today as it was before virtualization of text?
  19. [~250-900] why did the classical maya period end? what was/is its significance for the development of mesoamerican society and culture?
  20. [938] plot the trajectory leading to and resulting from the battle of bach dang.
  21. [~950-1003] who was eric the red and what was/is his significance in the northern-european world from his time to today?
  22. [~1000] discuss the significance of the publication of the tale of genji to the development of modern literature.
  23. [980-1037] explore the importance of avicenna and his writings from his time to today.
  24. [~900-1000] what was the significance of the common adoption of the astrolabe and its impact on history at the time? is it still relevant today as more than history?
  25. [1054] map the trajectory leading to and resulting from the great schism. are there still lasting impacts?
  26. [~989-1033] what was the relevance, if any, of the peace and truce of god? discuss its motivations and impacts.
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