basic skills

basic language skills include greetings and self-introductions, statements and questions, numbers, pronunciation rules and introductory vocabulary like animals, foods, weather and classroom words.

this level is commonly referred to as a0 or pre-a1. it is for someone who has never been introduced to the language before. here’s an easy test. if you can walk up to someone and introduce yourself in english, ask how they are and tell them what you think of the weather, you can move on to the next section. if not, this is the level for you.

the vocabulary for all basic topics is collected on a single page. this vocabulary will be used again in the beginner, intermediate and advanced sections. it’s important to start learning it now but you’re not expected to memorize all the words. some approaches take a very small number of words and expect perfection. i believe it is more important to memorize only the most common words but be familiar with hundreds of others that appear in common speech and writing so these are introduced very early, before even learning how to use them in many cases. this helps basic communication and comprehension more than only learning the more detailed and complex words once your grammar has become much more advanced.


  1. introductions & greetings
  2. basic questions & answers
  3. please, thanks, like, hate
  4. counting & ordering
  5. pronunciation
  6. classroom vocabulary
  7. basic nouns & verbs
  8. common actions
  9. basic adjectives & descriptions


these are not progressive levels. they’re meant to be done simultaneously. it’s important to learn questions, nouns, adjectives, etc, all at the same time to make english sentences and have conversation. they are divided only to make it easier to find the content you’re looking for.

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