If we do not share knowledge and love, what hope is there for us mere humans?

What you will find in this section is a combination of information for courses in progress and previously taught and some useful items for my students.


A Philosophy of Learning — It is important that everyone understand where we are coming from, either as students or teachers. While many instructors only share their teaching philosophy in academic circles or when they apply for a new position, I believe that it’s important to make my approach and understanding of learning available to my students and fellow instructors.

Course Information

Course Guidelines — Rather than include this in the course-specific syllabi, this is the information on grading, requirements and policies.

Current Courses

It is useful to come back and check these documents for updates throughout the course. If there is a significant change, of course, it will be discussed in class and shared by email but it sometimes helps to refresh your memory. If you require a printed version of these documents, please let me know either in class or by email. I will not bring copies with me if you do not request them for the sake of many pages of wasted paper, ink and energy.

Other Courses

These are courses from the past (and a few being prepared for next year). In some cases, they are the outlines and course information that were relevant at the time but, as I have often been asked to support independent study in various locations, I continually update these (to a greater or lesser degree) to make them as useful as possible. You will find that, as courses are being updated, I will only provide a tentative reading list for the moment until I’ve finished the update. If you’d like a copy of the interim version, let me know.

I do hope that I will have the opportunity to teach all of these courses again in the near future. If there are ones that are not currently offered in the department that you would find useful for your program, please feel free to let me know and I can pass that along. Some of these, of course, are currently offered by other instructors and this information certainly doesn’t apply to anything someone else is teaching. They are listed here by increasing course number, which is a reasonable approximation of the complexity of the discussion and evaluation expected. There is occasionally a mismatch between courses of class numbers — some terms are twelve weeks, others thirteen or even fourteen, depending on where and when the course was last taught. If you are looking at old or proposed outlines, you may need to take this into account — current courses, of course, are accurate for the current term.

Creative Writing (Undergraduate)

  • Creating your Writing Voice 1 [CW3036]
  • Creating your Writing Voice 2 [CW3037]
  • Character Creation & Development [CW4126]
  • Memoirs & Personal Writing [CW4188]
  • Literary Translation [CW4251]
  • Writing for Video Games [Special Non-credit Seminar CW49XX]

Creative Writing (Graduate)

  • Crafting Short Fiction [CW7026]
  • Spoken-Word & Improv Writing [CW7180]
  • Dialogue & Visual Fiction Writing [CW7184]
  • Poetry Translation 1 [CW7255]
  • Poetry Translation 2 [CW7256]
  • Experimental Writing [CW8021]
  • Mashups — Writing Across Genres 1 [CW8031]
  • Mashups — Writing Across Genres 2 [CW8032]
  • Podcasting & Contemporary Monologue [CW8034]
  • Composing and Exploring Poetry 1 (Epic) [CW8043]
  • Composing and Exploring Poetry 2 (Short Forms) [CW8044]
  • Composing and Exploring Poetry 3 (Long Forms) [CW8045]
  • Writing In A Post-Gender World [CW8215]
  • Poetic Voice [CW8224]
  • Critical Translation Theory [CW8861]


  • Contemporary Poetry 1 [EN3541]
  • Contemporary Poetry 2 [EN3542]
  • Theory through Contemporary Poetry 1 [EN4585]
  • Theory through Contemporary Poetry 2 [EN4586]
  • Contemporary Poetry in Context [EN7581]
  • Theory and Poetry in a Post-Truth World [EN8588]

Graphic Literature

Literature of Faith

  • Introduction to Scripture as Literature [EN2820]
  • Faith Literature in Society [EN3928]
  • Scripture in Translation A/B [EN4920A/B]
  • Religious Commentary as Critical Literature [EN7941]
  • Critical Approaches to Scripture in Translation [EN8948]

Popular Fiction

  • Introduction to Popular Fiction 1 [EN2018]
  • Introduction to Popular Fiction 2 [EN2019]
  • Contemporary Popular Fiction 1 [EN3018]
  • Contemporary Popular Fiction 2 [EN3019]
  • Critical Approaches to Popular Literature 1 [EN4418]
  • Critical Approaches to Popular Literature 2 [EN4419]
  • The Literature of Video Games [EN4940]
  • Popular Fiction in Social Context [EN7018]
  • Popular Culture in Fiction [EN7928]
  • Critical Analysis of Popular Writing [EN8418]

Literature in Translation

  • Literature in Translation 1 [EN3812]
  • Literature in Translation 2 [EN3813]
  • Contemporary Literature in Translation 1 [EN4841]
  • Contemporary Literature in Translation 2 [EN4842]
  • Literature from Beyond English [EN7841]
  • Other Cultures in Literature [EN7866]
  • Translation Theory in Contemporary Literature [EN8866]
  • Critical Approaches to Contemporary World Literature [EN8876]

Useful Materials

There’s nothing here at the moment but I am working on getting things into a fit state to share with the general public from my speaking engagements and small-group seminars.


If you are also a teacher, you are welcome to any of the materials here to use with your classes. I would appreciate it if you would let me know you’re planning to use it and tell your students where it came from.

For any instructors browsing these course documents, it may be useful to note that the course number generally indicates the level of the course — courses beginning with 1 or 2 are introductory undergraduate, 3 is an upper-year course and 4 is a specialty undergraduate courses with more restricted entry requirements, 7 being courses for first-year graduate students and 8 being final-year graduate courses. Graduate courses in this system often double as course requirements for doctoral students with a student-specific increase in the individual submissions for completion of the course in line with the doctoral research that is being pursued. Some of these are multi-part courses, where the previous piece(s) is required before entry is possible into the next. While some colleges/universities label these as A/B/C/etc, these are usually indicated here by incremental course numbers (CW8043/4/5 in the case of the advanced graduate poetry composition seminar, with the exception being the only true two-part course that I typically teach, EN4920A/B).