I believe in the power of language, words and speech to transform each individual to be happier, more peaceful, to change an entire world with each moment of thought shared. In a time of stereotypes and fake news, it is our role as participants in a world in flux to shift the focus to deeper understanding and self-exploration, critical questions and a search for real answers.

I am an idealist but I practice my idealism in words and actions every day. If we can talk to each other, we can understand, sympathize, love. With talking comes freedom. With communication comes empathy. Our language is our voice. Nothing is impossible in the face of willingness to communicate. My mission is to shape lives through respect and dialog, conversation and shared thoughts. As a writer, I participate in a search for mutual empathy and exploration of the self and existence we are part of through the beauty of words.

I have consulted for various organizations, from non-profit and government to small, medium and large enterprise, on projects involving communication, marketing and advertising. I have taught writing at the college level throughout the past two decades and spent time teaching in secondary schools and for new learners of English. I have helped students and clients alike set goals and work to achieve and surpass them, both individually and together.

Beyond writing, teaching and research, I have a devout love for the natural world and the spiritual connection found in it. I commune with mountains and trees, rivers and streams at any chance, drinking the freedom that comes from knowing that I am part of the natural world yet able to think within it. I have spent much of my life composing and performing music, mostly with choirs and small instrumental groups. I work as often as possible with young adults to help them to achieve freedom from life’s difficulties through creative writing workshops and classes in photography and other fine arts and humanities areas. I am socially active in the areas of gender fluidity, cultural equality and post-economic socialism and I am a practicing buddhist in the tradition of Plum Village. I am a member of the environmental and social justice movement, the Earth Holder Community, and work for peace and environmental protection as an engaged buddhist.

I do not believe in the usefulness of living a public life on social media so you will not find me engaging with the community online. If you seek more information, I am always happy to respond quickly to email at or you may browse my blog and online publications here at

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