Please join me.

Welcome to my quiet place amid the noise.

Dear reader, were you looking for me?

I’m Avi – teacher, writer and poet. I’ve lived across Canada, from one ocean to the other and various places beyond them.

My style is a fusion of experimental modern and traditional Japanese. Gender is an illusion. I believe in revolutionary equality. When I’m not teaching or writing, I make music and you are welcome to share it with me.

May you walk by the streams of peace.

A book is like an imaginary friend who lives in the real world.

01. Books are life

If you don’t love books, we probably won’t get along very well. Reading is fab. Writing, though, that’s where my heart truly lies.

02. Those who do, teach

I’m a teacher, a creative teacher who believes strongly that teaching does not absolve us of the need to live a life of helping others, showing them the pathway we have taken to understanding and knowledge, such as it is.

Classrooms are places where dreams are made and then come true.
Words are magic. When you share them, the world dreams with you.

03. Writing is touching the soul

There’s nothing like publishing your first (or latest) book but a whole different kind of joy arises from writing in the moment. I am happy to share some of my writing that hasn’t made it into print yet.

04. Cross borders

Writing has been the most wonderful experience, something I have spent my adult life sharing with young people as a way to express and discover a new life. I also try to breathe new meaning into ancient texts, from pieces of the Pali Canon and the Sanskrit Sutras to Japanese poetry and scripture, along with creative translations of Jewish and Christian work from millennia ago.

Truth is how we look back on history and believe a new future into existance.
We are simply reflections of life, not separate from the rest of the world. Perhaps it’s time to start living like we haven’t forgotten how to be human.

05. Seek oneness within

One day, humanity will accept that all existence is one and that each life is reflected in every breath you take. I write various texts to be used in Buddhist and Shinto practice. I am occasionally asked to write work for western faiths, also. I see this as my service to the world around me.


We are both human and that, dear reader, is a sacred thing. If there is anything I can do to help you, please reach out right now. I may not be able to but I will listen. Whether it’s collaboration you seek or just ears and a voice, there is nothing to be lost.


Ownership is an illusion but it’s a useful illusion. What I have written here is mostly my own – what I’ve borrowed, I tell you clearly where it comes from. I only ask that you do the same. You are welcome to share anything you find here, writing or music, views or even pictures. If you’re not sure if you’re being honest about it, I invite you to ask. Plagiarism is never a welcome thing. As long as you credit me, you’re welcome to share my work with your classes, your friends and your communities. If you would like any of this for other purposes or for something not non-profit, send me a message and we can talk about it.