Experience is nothing without the words to taste it.

We do not simply take words, take language, and use it for communication. The spoken, written word is music that when connected with idea and the pursuit of beauty lifts us humans from the base reality of existence to an existence that can only be understood as spiritual, being one with the present energy of life in symbiosis with thought and image and sound.

How are we ever to realize that we are all one, all family, humans and flowers alike, fish and birds alike, if we do not listen when another speaks, read when another writes, love when another touches our soul?

I am a writer. I hesitate to use words like author or composer or poet. They apply to some but, while I create in those forms, I have not devoted my life to their pursuit and do not claim mastery or even a committed striving for mastery. What I create is a wholehearted attempt at beauty but not a striving for the ultimate perfection of the form in which I write. What you will find here is a collection on work that I make available to you for your pleasure and to provoke your thought.

If an empty mind is what we seek, there is no need for words. If, however, a mind of beauty and limitless compassion for the world around us is our goal, we must fill that mind with the language of love and the spirit of acceptance in this moment.

I retain copyright over this material but I believe that the pursuit of peacefulness through language and music is something that, to the extent possible, should be available to all people. I will make you somewhat of an agreement and it is up to you if you hold to the part that I propose for you but I do hope that you will.

To have the right words in your heart, your mind, your soul, that is to touch the earth with understanding.

All the material here is free to read, to listen to, to share. If you find happiness from any of what I have shared with you, I ask that you let me know, not so that I can provide you more material or send you promotional emails but so that I may know that in some way I have been successful in the only way that matters, to have connected with someone through their happiness. Beyond that, I know that much of what is here is written for performance, be it music or public reading. I do not propose to charge you for the use of the material and I do not wish to restrict its use. I will not place watermarks or print restrictions on my music and poetry. All I ask is that you share with me where and when it is being performed and, if possible, send me a recording — not for public sharing, that is, simply for me to have the enjoyment that comes from knowing that my creative work is being shared into the world. You are under no obligation to follow these hopes but I do ask it of you.

If you never share yourself, what use is it to find yourself, be yourself, live as yourself?