An idea lasts only the time it takes to communicate it. We humans have absolute no capacity to sustain interest without constant stimulation in that direction. It is for this more than any other reason that long fiction is perhaps the most influential mode of composition in any language. In a relatively modern language like English, though, the development of long fiction is perhaps more significant in that the poetic tradition did not exist for millennia before the language became a popular written media where extended thoughts were set before eyes by hands. The existence of this language has always been contingent on a popular vision of its development.

It is my hope that at least segments of each of my books will be made available here. At the moment, what I can offer you is pieces of works in progress, while I work toward published work being available here at no charge for all readers. I am currently in the writing and editing stages of several works, the nearest of these to publication being Unaccompanied Minor.

Fiction in Progress

Published Fiction

  • Kate Untamed
  • Unfocused Snapshots