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candles shatter
the momentary silence
of my self-reflection
and wake me
to the press of a reset button
on another year in my life
as i shelter from the storm
of the outside world
pressing in on my seconds
of dreams
not yet turned to truth or lies

i stare
through the glass of a window on memories
no more solid
than the fragments of sprinkles
reflected on top of the sundaes
of half-forgotten parties
with ponies and pointy hats and parcels
passed endlessly
through the chatter of disco

your voice
stuns me from daydreams
and speaks truth
through my own lips
breathing me back to life
making decisions impossible to shift
or even contemplate
in their boldness
as i choose to be myself
despite the society
collapsing against me

tomorrow is the birth
from dream to truth
yet i never imagined
i could taste the freedom
of no longer acting for the camera
never more than a footstep away
and posing for selfies
less reflections than a colder war
within the soviets of my soul

dream in my head for me
as i have forgotten
how to do more than swallow myself
in the moment
and breathe me the strength
to walk myself through a single day
as once is enough to echo to always
and find in this break with the past
a secret smile

(this poem was composed to commemorate the birthday of a friend in october 2021, one of the most talented artists i know. feel free to check out her work here if you’re interested in illustration.)

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