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conversation is the pleasure of the soul. please feel free to send me a message. if you are looking to collaborate in a writing or educational project, i encourage you to talk to me. i am always happy to participate if i can.

social media has the distinction of being the only place where people willingly come together to feel more alone. you can find me on instagram and facebook but i have no faith in the political nightmare, endless memes and emo poetry of twitter and tumblr, where i do not venture so please don’t ask where i can be found there — i simply cannot. i do not generally exist in video format so i leave the occasional posts of presentations and lectures that i’ve given to the people who have recorded or organized the events and you’re welcome to search for them on youtube. it is a great honor to me that people enjoy my books enough to buy them and i wouldn’t wish to insult particular bookstores by linking to only some of the places you can purchase my work. if you search or talk to your favorite bookstore, though, they’ll certainly hook you up with whatever work is not available free here — mostly novels and collections of poetry, of which you will find samples.

they tell me there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. i suspect those are the ones asking all the stupid questions. i cannot promise you wisdom but i can, effort. if you write to me and ask a question, i will do my best to answer it and, if i can’t, i will let you know that, too. thanks for being interested, dear reader. your presence here refreshes me more than you know.

a few notes…

  • if i know you by a particular name, whether it’s correct or not, please let me know what it is. i have had many students and i am happy to update what i think of you as but it will help me remember.
  • if you are a current student and you’re trying to get in touch, it will probably result in a faster reply if you use whichever email i already have on file for you or at least point out that you have a new email address.
  • if you are taking a course or enrolled in a program where i am either the instructor or a faculty representative, please also add that to your message so it is easier to track communications.
  • i’m not a proponent of minimalist writing, especially by email. don’t message me asking if you can ask a question or expecting me to pry information from you one piece at a time. just tell me everything all at once. it won’t be too long. i’ll be thankful.
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thank you for reading. your eyes have done me a great honor today.