What is life but a series of poems that we have already forgotten?

In many ways, we are what we read. But there’s more to it than that. We’re also what we write. These are the books that I have recently released and those that are releasing in the next few months.

The past no longer exists except in the fiction of our words.

I invite you to browse the sample content and see what you might enjoy reading. They are all available in standard paperback format and as ebooks from either Apple or the Kindle Bookstore. You should be able to find them at your local bookshop or anywhere you buy books online.

Poetry is the language of the universe’s beating heart.

available next week

Afterlives’ Leaves

Cast your mind back to a time when poetry was in the air and mystical experiences floated through collective consciousness as radio waves and instant messages do today…

[ More leaves… ]

coming in the spring

Mornings of Virgin Snow

You are not alone. Your thoughts speak to you and echo in your ears as if they were another person, holding you tightly and breathing from inside your lungs. They speak your language, the sound of your heart beating as words in your mind…

[ More virgins… ]

new for the fall

Yesterday’s Dawns

You are darkness. You are light. If you think, these poems are an ode to you, a guiding track for new ideas and to set your dreams on a path to self-discovery…

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Writing is putting your soul on display for eternity.

Generation of Unrest

You’re not a kid anymore but all the other adults treat you as if you’re six years old and just ran away from home to join the circus. While you may indeed be joining the circus out there in the real world, the tent is full of craziness and the wilderness of mirrors is collapsing on our heads…

[ More elephants… ]

Millennial Ephemera

You put away childish things and swallowed your creativity when you came of age. You forgot that you were more than just another person. You took a razor to the reality of your difference and decided that to fit in you would become another member of a society that didn’t approve of you. And then you, on top of it all, you stopped dreaming and that’s when your life ended…

[ More snowflakes… ]

Walking on the Rock

I was once a child of the Rock, North America’s eastern-most landmass, Newfoundland. It may be an island but it is approximately the size of Portugal so it is a vast, sparsely-populated land of wilderness, surrounded by the icy waters of the North Atlantic.

[ More rocks… ]

We need no costumes to escape ourselves, only words and ink.

feeling classy?

As a teacher, contemporary literature in class is a matter of immense importance to me. Thinking of using one of my books with your class? Talk to me. I can work with your students to improve their connection with modern and experimental writing but, often more importantly, I can dramatically reduce the cost of the books for you and in some cases provide you with them for free.