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They tell me people are good but you know that’s simply ridiculous. People are so terrifyingly evil and we know it and we still pretend that there is some redeeming spark within them that we should dig through layers of filth to discover and polish with effort and present to them as a gift of honor. But if it’s not obvious how good someone is, I ask you why would you search it out within the darkness that pretends to be their soul? I have spent months wandering in the depths of the hell that is humanity, surrounded by people who were looked at as being the pinnacle of goodness, academics and educators, searching for the secrets of the past for no reward except the knowledge and beauty that is to be found there. There were exceptions to the blackness of heart. But, as you may imagine in your more realistic moments, the exception only made the rule far more blatant — and made others even more determined to hide it from sight.

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